This will be a quick one ! But here are the tokenomics for the official Glacier Launch token, $GLAC.

Contract Address: 0x368098e9deb1961426e8c8554e0d910e189862db

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000 GLAC

8% Buy Tax / 8% Sell Tax

Broken down as follows:

  • 1% Reflection Rewards in $GLAC paid to all existing holders of $GLAC
  • 4% to Liquidity for Price Stability
  • 3% Continuous Marketing & Development

Given the nature of our Launchpad Tier System, we need to give investors the option of buying an entire Tier allocation in one transaction if so desired. Therefore…

  • No Max Transactions
  • No Max Wallets

There it is ! A quick breakdown of the $GLAC tokenomics !

Introducing Our Brand and Launch Details

As mentioned in the previous article, we wanted to move away from the “Safemoon-AVAX” name due to several factors. Also, as expected, the Avalanche ecosystem has grown tremendously since our launch. …

Hello Safemoon-AVAX family, hope everyone is doing well. We have some big news in regards to the future of this project that we are incredibly excited to share with the community!

We are rebranding!

Read through the rest of this medium article for answers to questions you may have about…

Glacier Launch

Avalanche Network’s Premier IDO Launchpad

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