SafeMoon-AVAX Tiered Launchpad Model

Firstly, the team just wants to start off by saying a huge thank you, to each and every one of the holders of $SAFEMOONA, for joining us on this adventure and being patient with us as we close in on completing our first month of this EPIC journey. We also want to give a special thanks to those community members who have been active throughout the month, you are “the life of the party” as they say and we could not be more grateful. But without further ado, let’s get into some details on the upcoming SafeMoon-AVAX Launchpad.

The SafeMoon-AVAX Launchpad will be a premier IDO platform on the Avalanche Network. SafeMoon-AVAX Launchpad will empower investors and create a path for cryptocurrency projects to participate in and provide token sales for upcoming DeFi crypto projects.

SafeMoon-AVAX Launchpad has developed a solution that will incentivize and reward all holders of the token in an inclusive capacity that also offers a low barrier to entry.

One of the key issues in many of the existing Launchpads, such as DXSale, is the ability to acquire a substantial amount of tokens which can be limiting to investors. Furthermore, even if that is not an issue, no one is guaranteed an allocation spot as they are typically done on a first come first serve basis. Some IDOs have whitelisted spots, however, even those can be flawed as they can be manipulated in the favor of “friends and family” so to speak. SafeMoon-AVAX Launchpad will be every investor’s home to equal opportunity, decentralized launches that will empower $SAFEMOONA holders.

The brilliance of the SafeMoon-AVAX Launchpad model is that it will guarantee fairness through two crucial aspects. There will be no chance of a lottery based system or botted presales; fair IDOs for all participants. Here’s how it functions:

$SAFEMOONA Allocation System (Round 1):

SafeMoon-AVAX Launchpad employs a fixed tier system based on the number of native tokens being held.

Key Aspects of the Info-graphic:

Gold = 10 trillion $SAFEMOONA with weight of 60

Silver = 5 trillion $SAFEMOONA with weight of 25

Bronze = 1 trillion $SAFEMOONA with weight of 5

Each tier will be have a fair opportunity to participate and buy tokens from the IDO

The higher you are in tier, the greater number of tokens you can purchase

These tiers were customized and catered to cultivate the SafeMoon-AVAX ecosystem

The tiers allow traders from every aspect of the spectrum, large or little, given that lower tiers have a low barrier of entry

Larger holders of the token are incentivized to hold by being given access to higher tiers that offer bigger allocation and using that incentive to prevent price volatility for all holders

Example Breakdown for IDO Token:

To better explain how the launchpad will function, let’s create a scenario. Project X Token is launching on the SafeMoon-AVAX and is selling 345,000 tokens. Let’s do some math. If there are 200 members in the Bronze Tier with a weight of 5, 50 members in the Silver Tier with a weight of 25, and 20 members in the Gold Tier with a weight of 60. The math, totaling the combined weight, would come out to:

Total Weight: (200*5) + (50*25) + (20*60) = 3450

This means,

Each share of token allocation: 345,000/3450 = 100

The token amount per tier,

Bronze: 200 * 100 * 5 = 100,000

Silver: 50 * 100 * 25 = 125,000

Gold: 20 * 100 * 60 = 120,000

The above formula is calculated by the following,

Users in Tier * Share Allocation * Pool weight of Tier

Within each tier, total number of tokens that can be purchased by a user will be,

Total Tokens Allocated to Tier / Total Users in Tier

In the case of this example, each user, designated by tier, would be able to buy,

Bronze: 100,000 / 200 = 500

Silver: 125,000 / 50 = 2500

Gold: 120,000 / 20 = 6000

$SAFEMOONA First Come First Serve (Round 2):

The next logical question then becomes what will happen with any tokens that are not sold in Round 1.

When Round 2 is open, any of the tokens that have not been sold yet will be available for purchase for everybody, including those who don’t fall within the tier system parameters. This round will stay open until all tokens are sold or until the contribution period is over. Following this, the IDO will be officially closed.

What to Expect From the Future:

Something important to remember is that we must always remain open and welcoming to change. This industry moves fast and being able to adapt within the landscape will be crucial to flourishing. In order to ensure that, we will be collecting:

- Feedback on the structure from the community

- Data to make sure we can evolve as necessary

The system we have designed is predictable in its nature and therefore will be a good basis to provide fair opportunities to holders. It will also provide proper incentives in the tier based structure to accumulate and hold $SAFEMOONA and also guarantee a strong starting community for any projects launched on our platform. As mentioned, we will continue to monitor and tweak the details, and continue including additional utility, tiers, and more to make it as rewarding as possible for all community members.

Once again, to reiterate the mission of our project, this Launchpad will help us continue to develop our growth within the Avalanche Ecosystem, and continue to be a catalyst to facilitate user migration from other Smart Chains such as BSC and ERC-20.

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